The Secret Inside Me


  • The Secret Inside Me is a book project started in 2016 with the aim of sharing my personal story of parental cancer and creating something meaningful for others. The project is a healing journey where art becomes a tool for self-expression through the use of colours and natural elements.

  • The purpose is to give support during emotional distress to anyone in need of enhancing the communication between loved ones, and to encourage people to use art as a tool for emotional healing.


The Secret Inside Me is a project I started in 2016 during my MA in Illustration. When I was asked to work on something meaningful for my major project the response came out loud and clear: cancer.

Cancer affected my childhood, leading my family to fall apart. Communication was a major issue. As part of me was still emotionally affected, I decided to start a project using art as a tool for self-expressions and as a way of healing.

Cancer was a topic my mum never spoke about, it was a secret she kept inside, leading to years of silence and unspoken words within the family and therefore my project started with a question:

“How art can emotionally help people affected by cancer in expressing themselves and in sharing their feelings with children and relatives?”

The final outcome turned out to be a photographic book representing my mum’s emotional journey.


  • Colour Your Mood  is a workshop in collaboration with Maggie’s West London, whose aim is to explore people’s mood by choosing a colour and to create a tissue paper flower.

  • During the workshop participants were invited to create a flower to decorate the tree.The result is a colourful mood tree that celebrates each person.


2017 – Art at the Bridge – Engine Rooms, Tower Bridge – London

2017 – Platform for emerging art #14 – Leyden Gallery – London

2016 – Different Gallery – London